What is Salesforce AppExchange?

AppExchange is a marketplace where businesses and other Salesforce users can find other software applications for their business built on the Salesforce platform. In a sense it is the ‘iTunes for Business’.

Developers cancreate and market their applications and share it with millions of users. They can build and deploy applications on a Developer version of Salesforce and then sell to Salesforce customers as an ISV partner.

Businesses looking at these partner solutions may want to accomplish certain things

  • integrate email and calendaring with Salesforce e.g Cirrus Insight or EBSTA
  • buy a marketing automation platform e.g. Marketo, Constant Contact, Mailchimp etc.
  • deploy a vertical specific business application e.g financial services, non profit etc.
  • Integrate an existing line of business application like accounting or ERP

These examples and more can all be found on the Salesforce AppExchange.

How to find business applications and solutions on AppExchange

It is relatively easy to find applications and solutions on AppExchange.

  1. Keyword search
  2. Featured applications
  3. Search by the most Popular Apps
  4. New Apps section
  5. Find by Categories e.g. Sales, Finance, Marketing etc.

Has your company found useful software applications on the AppExchange?

What applications would you like to see talk to your instance of Salesforce?

Let us know ideas@cloudadvisory.io

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