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What is Salesforce Implementation?

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful platform. But, setting it up and configuring it properly is complex. When you make fundamental mistakes at the start you can find that you have problems with data, usability and compliance later.

Partnering with our Salesforce experts enables a smooth transition from your current workflow to a more painless, comprehensive, and efficient one.

During implementation, our Salesforce experts will work with you to understand your unique business processes and goals. Then, an assigned Cloud Advisory Salesforce consultant will help you chart the course of your business in Salesforce.

Are you struggling with…

  • Data Organization (contacts, notes, customer data, etc.)
  • Sales Automation
  • Managing leads
  • Poor customer relationship management
  • Unsatisfactory communication between Sales members

Our implementation strategy involves…   

  • Custom Development
  • All Cloud Set Up
  • Data mitigation – extraction, cleansing, de-duplication, standardization
  • Long-term planning
  • Integration
  • Training
  • Support
  • Mobile App Strategy
  • Marketing Automation Strategy

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The Cloud Advisory Salesforce Experts service starts at a monthly price of $499/month. * This includes

  • unlimited change requests
  • 24 hour response times
  • assigned Salesforce admins or developer
  • up to 15 hours a month of development
  • Up to 20 Salesforce users
  • $65/hour overage
  • Don’t see what you need? Ask about custom plans below