Salesforce Administration

What is Salesforce Administration? 

When you are a company that invests in Salesforce, you need an expert admin or developer to make sure it is set up correctly and runs smoothly.

Cloud Advisory’s certified Salesforce administrators take care of the daily tasks in your Salesforce org. Rather than hiring a full-time resource, you can submit requests to the Cloud Advisory team as needed. The Salesforce Experts team at Cloud Advisory can manage your users, objects, fields, reporting and data requirements on demand.

Do you struggle with … 

  • Salesforce Automation 
  • Wanting to talk to a real person
  • Slow response to requests
  • Data mitigation or clean up
  • Reporting and dashboards

Let the Cloud Advisory SF Experts team help with

  • Data cleanup
  • Training
  • Sales Cloud admin
  • Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Workflow Rule Automations
  • Customized Sales Process
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Submit tickets and requests 24/7 via Trello or email
  • New User Set Up
  • Roles/Permissions


The Cloud Advisory Salesforce Experts service starts at a monthly price of $1997/month. * This includes

  • unlimited change requests
  • 24 hour response times
  • assigned Salesforce admins or developer
  • up to 20 hours a month of development
  • Up to 20 Salesforce users
  • $97/hour overage
  • Don’t see what you need? Ask about custom plans below

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