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What is Salesforce Development?

Salesforce has reimagined how businesses operate and grow by using a integrated marketing, sales, commerce, and services platform. The possibilities with this platform are endless — However, no two businesses are the same. Thus, every business needs to configure Salesforce to meet their unique needs.

To make Salesforce work for your business, it is wise to have an experienced and knowledgeable Salesforce developer at hand who can build customized software application and provide fitting solutions. Leave these complex problems to experts who have studied and trained for years so you can achieve better productivity and higher profits.

We take the time to listen to your goals and challenges and provide high quality service. Our certified Salesforce Developers at Cloud Advisory have years of experience in Salesforce1 Mobile App Development, Apex, Salesforce App Development, Force.com, and Lightning.

Our Methodology 

  1. Definition 
    1. Understand the needs of users and core functionality
    2. Work with you to determine the best practices, including system performance and security matters
    3. Suggest new software upgrades according to budget
  2. Development 
    1. Design, test, and develop software
    2. Plan and seamlessly integrate workflow
    3. Solve inconsistencies in the quality of data
    4. Implement changes 
  3. Deployment
    1. Routine software maintenance to ensure continued functionality
    2. Document entire company’s roster of applications and systems with relevant upgrades and maintenance
    3. Train users and administrators on the modifications
    4. Draw future plans and adapt to modifications in Salesforce

Once completing our extensive process, you’ll retain an optimized Salesforce that suits your company’s needs and empowers your team to use it constructively.

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