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Why Marketing Cloud?

Salesforce marketing automation is a no-brainer. Every business can benefit from its elegant streamlined system and productive data management. This software should be bringing a ROI 10x over and saving you a lot of time.

If this isn’t happening, Cloud Advisory offers expert technical and strategic knowledge to help. With knowledge and experience in both Pardot and Marketing Cloud, we can provide an optimized solution to meet your company’s unique needs.

If you are new to Pardot or Marketing Cloud, we can set it up for you so you save the time and money it takes to master this complex software. For existing customers, we can take your Salesforce to the next level through optimization and customization.


More positioned as a B2B platform, Pardot provides lead management, marketing and sales alignment, and shorter sales cycles. It allows you to engage buyers wherever they are in the pipeline with personalized drip marketing campaigns. 

Our Quick Start Package

  • Project Kickoff Call
    • Understand your company’s goals
    • Plan a customized marketing process
  • CRM Integration
    • Install the Pardot Connector
    • Update lead and contact page
    • Field mapping
  • Marketing Asset & Integration Set Up
    • Email Template set up
    • Implement Email Authentication for Email Deliverability Optimization
    • Landing page set up
    • Form / Form handler set up
    • Automation Rule Set Up
  • Engagement Studio Set Up
    • Engagement Studio (lead generation) set up
    • Salesforce Engage set up (marketing automation for sales)
    • Drip campaign set up
    • Create Vanity Tracker Domain (CNAME)
    • Implement Website Tracking Code to Log Visitor Activity
  • Database Import
    • Add-Ons & Connector set up
    • Dedicated Email IP set up
    • Site Search Integration set up
  • Training & Consulting
    • Recorded training for users
    • Tailored consulting

Marketing Cloud 

More suited for B2C companies, Marketing Cloud provides a complete look at your customers and their activities. This allows you to engage with your customers across multiple channels wherever they are in their customer journey. On top of the typical marketing automation features, the Marketing Cloud includes social media, mobile messaging, predictive analytics, and more. 

Our Quick Start Package 

  • Project KickOff Call
    • Understand your company’s goals
    • Plan a customized marketing process
    • Data analysis on field syncs, subscriber segmentation, etc.
  • Lead and Contact Set Up
    • Configure SFMC users
    • Add Marketing Cloud buttons and tracking results
    • Field mapping
  • Marketing Cloud Connector
    • Marketing Cloud Connector set up
    • Map fields for leads and contacts
    • Create custom sync criteria
  • Email Studio
    • Create:
      • Journey Builder
      • 3 Email templates
      • 3 Sender Profiles
      • 1 Delivery Profile
      • 3 Publication lists
    • Advise on IP warming strategy
  • Data Extensions
    • Create data extensions for all subscribers
    • Up to 5 Filtered Data Extensions for segments, including scheduled automations
    • Advise and assist on Sender Authorization Package (SAP) provisioning
  • Training & Consulting
    • Recording training
    • Tailored consulting


Unlike other Quick Start Packages, Cloud Advisory offers a more comprehensive service that guarantees Pardot/Marketing Cloud will work for your business. With over 10 years of experience under our belt, our dedicated team has helped hundreds of companies unlock the value of Salesforce.


  • $3500 for up to 35 hrs
    • $125/hr for additional hours
  • 2.5 – 3 weeks turnaround

Marketing Cloud

  • $___ for up to 40 hrs
    • $125/hr for additional hours
  • 2.5 – 3 weeks turnaround

Prices may vary depending on size and length of project. *

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