How Salesforce can help a Business Grow

How to Grow your business by implementing Salesforce

As founders, there are three main business functions that we all must master to grow our business.

  • Finding New Prospects
  • Selling to turn prospects into Customers
  • Keeping those customers

So all those activities – finding new customers, selling to customers, keeping customers that’s really what Salesforce is. 

The core of Salesforce is about the people you sell to and their companies. There are three ways that  Salesforce can help keep your company growing

1. Using Salesforce Marketing tools like Marketing Cloud or Pardot, you can use Salesforce Campaigns to find more people or companies that match your ideal client profile. Campaigns like paid digital ads, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or display advertising being examples. You can use email campaigns, landing pages and more to attract more leads into your business.

2. Then you can sell more- whether B2B or B2C in direct, digital or hybrid channels. Salesforce Sales Cloud, also known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) lets you in a very practical way, come up with a game plan and then operationalize that game plan around sales activities.

3. Using Salesforce Service Cloud you can keep customers and their revenue by making them more successful and supporting them in a more consistent way.

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