The Top 7 Benefits of the Salesforce Platform

Boasting of a $1.38 Billion in revenue for its 2015 Third Quarter Results isn’t called the World’s No.1 CRM Solution1 for nothing. Of its many benefits we’ve narrowed down the Top 7 Benefits for you.

  1.     It’s Generation-Friendly and Highly Customizable

It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 55, with a diverse background in development or none at all; Salesforce is as easy to use and highly customizable to boot. As Salesforce comes preloaded with fields and objects using recognizable business terms, you can get started upon purchase right away. End users with no computer background can navigate around Salesforce simply by clicks or swipes while programmers will find that their custom APEX code is easily understood. Just encode your data and your company’s records are good to go!

  1.     Automate Everything

Turn your spreadsheets into individual client records and run reports to see your Top Customers and Assets. You can also get alerted to Big Deals and Expiring Contracts with automated workflows, escalation rules and business processes with a few simple steps. Everything you need can be created via a simple Setup Wizard that lets one or more people receive email notifications of New Leads, Deals or Open Opportunities to improve your Sales Figures.

  1.     Use It Anywhere, Anytime

Whether you’re tied to a desk, or working remotely – Salesforce is accessible to you across a variety of platforms. There’s the desktop browser for when you’re on a PC, the Mobile Browser to pull up when you want the feel of a full Salesforce site or the Salesforce1 Mobile App 3 available to both Android and Apple users. What this means for your business is that you can take it anywhere, and anytime you need to.  You can run a Sales Report while up in the air or create a Customer Invoice as you close a deal across the dinner table. It’s a fast and reliable way to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything that goes on with your business.

  1.     It’s Cheap and Lightweight

Compared to bulky CRM software that requires hours of installation across each and every machine that would most likely cost you thousands of dollars, Salesforce offers a per license/per month model that you can adjust at the end of every contract year. There’s no need for any installation as it’s all up in the Cloud, and no time lost downloading updates that you don’t use anyway. What’s more, upgrades its Platform thrice a year with functionality requested by users at no additional cost to you or your business.

  1.     A Centralized Platform

The problem with other CRM providers out in the market is its lack of versatility. You’d have to buy their software for the CRM solution, another software to maintain your Website, another for your Support Team and use something else for office communication. Salesforce takes all that away by providing you with the database to store your records, to create and manage your company websites, Support functions like Chat, Phone and Email and Chatter for employee communication and collaboration all at once.

  1.     Resources, Resources, Resources

Salesforce understands the need to know more in order to do more that’s why they have a very robust Knowledge Site that hosts thousands of articles, hundreds of YouTube videos and dozens of online Training session. You also have a very active Community and Developer Site where fellow administrators and developer gather to share tips, tricks and solutions ranging from the simple to the complex.

  1.    The AppExchange 

Want more out of Salesforce but not into spending time developing custom out of the box solutions? Head on to the AppExchange and browse through thousands of Apps made by developers. Most of the time what you need is already in the AppExchange and in multitudes. So read through each app and see what they have to offer before downloading it for your business. A quick disclaimer: free apps usually don’t come with any Support while paid apps do.


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