Why Automate & Grow with Salesforce?

I wrote the book Automate and Grow to document a process that would help businesses create a plan that directs how they transform into a digital business.

There are four parts of a company’s digital transformation

1. Digital products or service delivery

2. Marketing Automation

3. Sales automation (ecommerce, direct or a hybrid)

4. Customer Success (onboarding, customer service)

Salesforce is a great platform choice to implement a company’s Automate and Grow plan.

They have evolved beyond being just a CRM (Customer Relationship Management application) into a platform that lets businesses of different sizes and across different industries

  • build digital products (Heroku, Force.com)
  • automate marketing (Marketing Cloud, Pardot),
  • automate sales/sell digitally (Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud) and
  • automate customer success (Service Cloud, Customer Community).

So the goal of every business should be, to automate important but repetitive tasks using technology, freeing people in the business to work on creative, high value and relationship based activities.

Activities that a transformational to a business, and form the basis of an innovative culture.