How I started working on Salesforce and why I love it.

So I started working on the Salesforce platform in 2010, and my introduction to it was really interesting because the thing that really got my attention was the fact that I didn’t have to set up servers, I didn’t have to worry about how much bandwidth was going to those servers, I didn’t have to worry about storage, I didn’t have to write a database, I didn’t have to buy and install software and keep that software up to date, or I didn’t have to write software from scratch but I could customize it. So the way I think of Salesforce is it’s highly customizable in the sense that it’s kinda out of the box. It’s not even out of the box, it’s in the cloud. But it comes ready to 75% to 80% of what you need, and then really what a consultant can do like myself is figure out, what’s your real marketing sales and support processes? How do we customize that last 20-25%, so it matches when your business needs? The nice thing about that too is that because it’s customized, once you do it right, people inside the company are more likely to use it. Without having to invest in infrastructure, you can just pay by the seat to accomplish that. So it’s highly skill, it’s highly customizable, it minimizes the repetitive aspects of setting up a software application while maximizing your ability to customize what you need, which is to match your business process and not your customers’ buying journey.